Triple Your Impact

Three really is a magic number.

For three weeks in March, everyone’s favorite online superstore is multiplying the donations you generate by three. From March 12th-31st, Amazon is tripling their donation rate on your first purchase. Instead of donating 0.5% of your purchase price at checkout, they will give 1.5% to the charity of your choice.

If you are already using to make your Amazon purchases and generating a 0.5% donation to the Facial Pain Advocacy Alliance, thank you very much! If not, why not?? When you choose FPAA  as your charity of choice, you are advancing our mission to bring facial pain out of obscurity and into the light. Every penny of the money we raise through the Amazon Smile Foundation is used to:

  • promote awareness of facial pain,
  • provide up to date information about all forms of facial pain,
  • to educate people about available treatments, and
  • to direct people to support groups

All you have to do is go to and tell Amazon you want them to donate to the Facial Pain Advocacy Alliance on your behalf. It’s really that simple. The hardest part is remembering to make your purchases at instead of The websites are identical except for the fact that one generates a donation and the other one does not.