Facial Pain Awareness Month is Here!

It’s here! Seems like only yesterday it was 6 months away and we were in the preliminary planning stages, but today marks the first day of the first annual Facial Pain Awareness Month.

We will be posting Facial Pain Awareness Month newsletters like this one every few days to share tips, tidbits, and teal items.

October 1st is “Profile in Teal” Day

If you haven’t already, teal up your Facebook profile pictures. You can use any of the many profile picture overlays that people are sharing on Facebook already. You are also welcome to use any of our free graphics or profile picture overlays. This is one of the easiest ways to raise awareness as people see your profile picture hundreds of times a day!

Facial Pain Friendly Recipes

Look forward to weekly recipes, selected to be ones that hurting faces can enjoy. Got any great recipes to share, send them to us!

New Awareness Videos

In our next post, we will be officially launching our new “Facial Pain – What Is It?” video, a short primer in facial pain. Share this video on social media to bring facial pain into the light. At just under 5 minutes, it is short enough to keep people interested and long enough to cover a lot of territory.

Teal Stuff

It’s not too late to outfit yourself in teal. Find something to suit your style at our RedBubble store. We have more than clothes. You can also find things to help you carry your groceries in style, protect your phone with panache, make that cup of joe extra special, or keep your thoughts together in teal.

Order a Facial Pain Awareness Month metal/enamel lapel pin and wear it every day of the month, no matter what you decide to wear!

Inspirational quotes Through Bren’s Lens

Our friend and fellow warrior Brenda Metcalf creates beautiful photographic art which she has generously offered the use of for inspirational meme’s that can be shared.


That’s all for today. Go forth and share awareness on social media. Together, we will bring facial pain  out of obscurity and into the light!




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