The standard treatments for cranial neuralgias – trigeminal neuralgia, geniculate neuralgia, and glossopharyngeal neuralgia – differ considerably from the treatments which are appropriate for the TAC conditions.

There is significant cross-over among the cranial neuralgia treatments and those treatments which are suitable for anesthesia dolorosa, and trigeminal deafferentation pain. Yet, some of the interventions for cranial neuralgias are contraindicated for patients in the latter group.

Because there are important treatment decisions that must be made, a patient must receive an accurate differential diagnosis at the onset of their pain condition. Treating the wrong condition can be wholly ineffective and very disappointing, and sadly, that is the best possible outcome. Misdiagnosis and improper treatment can potentially create more pain for the patient than before treatment. Tragically, that increased pain could be permanent.

Accurate and complete diagnosis is imperative.