contact the US CONGRESSPERSONS who sit on the Committee for Government Oversight and Reform,
and demand they take action.

On January 20, 2021, a letter with attachments was delivered by email to the Acting Director and Senior Staff of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ.)  The letter requests AHRQ to immediately withdraw its “Comparative Outcomes Review 240” for treatment of acute pain.  Grounds for the request are:

  • Clear evidence of unjustified anti-opioid bias by writers of the Review, and
  • Gross fatal errors of methodology which invalidate the Review as an input to ongoing efforts to revise and expand 2016 CDC guidelines on prescription of opioids to adults with chronic non-cancer pain. 

It now appears that AHRQ is fully aware of the errors noted above and has no intention of responding to demands for correction of its malfeasance and fraud.  Thus it may be necessary for the US House Government Oversight and Reform Committee to direct AHRQ to withdraw and rewrite or repudiate the Review.  

Such an action has precedents.  In the Fall of 2015, the Oversight Committee received a complaint from the Washington Legal Foundation, concerning inadequate public review and comment on the proposed CDC guidelines.  They directed CDC to call for comments on the draft Guidelines in a 60-day Federal Register announcement rather than the three days originally allocated.

These documents are available online at  You may want to scan their content before acting as suggested below. Feel free to share it and this article with your personal physician.

Here is where you come in

Below you will find contact data for telephoning individual members of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee.  Those who wish to involve the Committee in corrective action may telephone any or all of the Congressional offices of Committee members.  It is very doubtful that Representatives actually see anything you leave in their contact portals online.  Short, focused telephone calls are harder to ignore. 

If you reach a staffer at a Congressional office, you might offer the following information:

  1. Identify yourself and provide a call-back number. If you have medical professional qualifications, then state them (i.e. “I am a board certified physician” or “I am a former nursing professional now disabled by agonizing pain.”
  2. If you are a resident of the Representative’s US State, say so (you don’t have to be a constituent to make your input).
  3. Tell the staffer that you want to report fraud and abuse to the Representative and to the House Congressional Oversight and Reform Committee.
  4. “I want the Committee to demand corrective action from the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, in the same way it did in 2015 when it directed CDC to re-open its proposed Opioid Guidelines to extended public review.”
  5. “AHRQ published a Comparative Outcomes Review on treatment of acute pain in December 2020.  The Review is deliberately biased against the only therapies that work, deeply flawed by errors of scientific method, and outright fraudulent in its conclusions.  This Review must be withdrawn for independent review and possible permanent repudiation.”
  6. Thank the staffer for their time.  Ask “May I expect a callback from a member of the Representative’s staff?”

This is an opportunity to be heard, despite the lies being shouted by anti-opioid fringe element crazies like PROP and Shatterproof.  It is time for you to speak up!

Telephone Contact Data:

Carolyn Maloney, New York, Chair[4]    202-225-7944

Jimmy Gomez, California, Vice Chair (202) 225-6235

James Comer, Kentucky, Ranking Member 202-225-3115

Kelly Armstrong, North Dakota (202) 225-2611

Lacy Clay, Missouri 202-225-2406

Michael Cloud, Texas (202) 225-7742.

Gerry Connolly, Virginia 202-225-1492

Jim Cooper, Tennessee 202-225-4311

Mark DeSaulnier, California  202-225-2095

Virginia Foxx, North Carolina 202-225-2071

Bob Gibbs, Ohio (202) 225-6265

Paul Gosar, Arizona 202-225-2315

Mark E. Green, Tennessee (202) 225-2811

Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin 202-225-2476

Deb Haaland, New Mexico (since December 17, 2019) (202) 225-6316

Clay Higgins, Louisiana 202-225-2031

Jody Hice, Georgia 202-225-4101

Jim Jordan, Ohio 202-225-2676

Robin Kelly, Illinois 202-225-0773

Ro Khanna, California 202-225-2631

Raja Krishnamoorthi, Illinois 202-225-3711

Brenda Lawrence, Michigan 202-225-5802

Stephen F. Lynch, Massachusetts  202-225-8273

Thomas Massie, Kentucky 202-225-3465

Kweisi Mfume, Maryland (since May 7, 2020) (202) 225-4741

Carol Miller, West Virginia (202) 225-3452

Fred Keller, Pennsylvania (202) 225-3731

Ralph Norman, South Carolina (202) 225-5501

Eleanor Holmes Norton, District of Columbia 202-225-8050

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York 718-662-5970

Gary Palmer, Alabama (since July 1, 2020) 202-225-4921

Stacey Plaskett, U.S. Virgin Islands 202-225-1790

Katie Porter, California (since December 17, 2019)  (202) 225-5611.

Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts (617) 850-0040

Jamie Raskin, Maryland 202-225-5341

Chip Roy, Texas (202) 225-4236

John Sarbanes, Maryland  202-225-4016

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida 202-225-7931

Jackie Speier, California 202-225-3531

Greg Steube, Florida (202) 225-5792

Rashida Tlaib, Michigan (202) 225-5111

Peter Welch, Vermont 202-225-4115