The War on Pain Patients

Truth: “over-prescribed” Prescription opioids did not cause the drug overdose crisis, nor does it sustain its steady climb.

Currently, opioid prescriptions are being written at an unprecedentedly low rate, yet the overdose rate in America continues its meteoric climb. What’s more, seniors are prescribed opioids three times more often than youth under age 18, yet those same seniors have the lowest overdose rates of any age group, and youth overdose six times more often. Nevertheless, the CDC and other anti-opioid zealots continue to weave the false narrative that the answer to the overdose problem lies in further restrictions on opioid prescriptions. 

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Radio Broadcast Interview with Dr. Lawhern On KOGO San Diego News, August 21, 2021


Red Lawhern Kicks Arse and Takes Names For the Chronic Pain Association of Canada

“North Carolina’s Richard ‘Red’ Lawhern, PhD has spent years debunking PROPaganda about the supposed dangers of prescribed opiate analgesics. His analyses show that they didn’t cause the ‘opioid crisis,’ that ‘overprescribing’ is a fiction, that both the US prescribing guideline and its Canadian derivative are shady business beyond repair, and that under-treating pain is deadly. While a rethink happens stateside, Dr Lawhern says Ottawa’s pain policy remains ‘fraudulent from one end to the other’ and that Health Canada is “racketeer-influenced and corrupt.” Asserting untruths about both policy and outcomes, he says, ‘ought to result in somebody doing prison time.'” Click to listen to the podcast.

Message to Colorado’s CDRA:
Repeal and repudiate your opioid prescribing guidelines

Recently, a paper authored by Stephen E. Nadeau MD, Andrea Trescott MD, and The Lawhern Files’ Richard A. Lawhern, Ph.D., was submitted to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (CDRA,) advocating for repeal and repudiation of CDRA’s guidelines for prescribing opioids to adults with non-cancer pain. Read the paper below.

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ):
Withdraw the Comparative Effectiveness Review #240

This report must be withdrawn immediately for an independent review by professionals qualified in statistical methods and epidemiology.

You can help to apply pressure on the AHRQ. Get in touch with your Congressional Reps and tell them that the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform MUST order the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to immediately withdraw its “Comparative Outcomes Review #240” for treatment of acute pain on the grounds of unjustified anti-opioid bias and gross, fatal errors.

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Audio Interviews

Red on the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – Sept 23, 2020

“This extraordinary interview with Richard Lawhern examines the current ‘opiate crisis’ in a new light. … The new CDC policies are causing pain, suffering, the desperate resort to illegal drugs, and death. Lawhern’s brilliant and honest analysis sheds light on how the CDC is a power-grabbing institution that is exceeding its legal power by issuing orders intended to control the prescribing of medications by American doctors. My own additional take on this: … It’s all about their power over us, not what is truly scientific, good for us, or consistent with individual freedom and the practice of medicine. A very important hour for everyone in America.” –Dr. Peter Breggin

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Red’s KOGO radio interview––July 23, 2020


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