We’re growing, and our name is too! “Face Facts” is now officially The Facial Pain Advocacy Alliance, the world’s only patient-led nonprofit dedicated to serving the chronic facial pain community. FPAA is a collaborative effort of chronic facial pain patients and patient groups to empower each other with unbiased facts, and to provide anyone who is not versed in chronic facial pain a one stop resource to aid in early intervention.

“Face Facts” will continue to be the website you have come to know and love as a continuously updated website featuring the most comprehensive information available on all forms of primary and secondary chronic facial pain conditions.

There are many conditions that fall under the umbrella of chronic facial pain. Distinguishing these conditions from one another is essential for accurate diagnosis and early intervention with the proper treatments. For this reason, we cover all of the major chronic facial pain conditions – the cranial neuralgias and the trigeminal autonomic cephalgias.

It is our mission help provide patients a clear path forward. This website features a full work up of each primary and secondary disorder, original articles updated regularly, and a database of currently available resources. We also house a section dedicated to support groups worldwide, arranged by country, language, and specific condition; and filtered by subtopic.

Our long term vision includes too many initiatives and projects to list. All on behalf of chronic facial pain patients everywhere.

The Facial Pain Advocacy Alliance is:

  • Erika Conrad-Wess – Founder and Director, Chief Editor of Face-Facts.org
  • Richard “Red” Lawhern, Ph.D. – Opioid Policy Editor
  • Emily McSherry – Cannabis Legislation Reform Editor
  • Susan Dawson – Member Columnist