The Facial Pain Advocacy Alliance is
the world’s only patient-led 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to
serving the chronic facial pain community

Whether you are a patient or support person, family member or friend – you belong.

As veterans of chronic facial pain ourselves, we know that education and support lead to empowerment of the individual. In a world where our pain is little known and often misunderstood, it is vitally important for a patient to be well informed and well supported. Our mission is to provide a one stop, one-of-a-kind resource for all chronic facial pain patients, no matter where they are on their medical journey.

About Us

“living with trigeminal neuralgia”
a short documentary from Face Facts

“This is very well done. It not only educates and brings awareness,
it places a very real and human face on this terrible condition.
It is accurate and poignant, without melodrama or sensationalism.
If you wish to learn about or gain even greater insight
into trigeminal neuralgia, please take a look.”

– Dr. Mark Linskey
MVD Neurosurgery Specialist
Professor of Neurological Surgery
University of California Irvine