It’s here! Help yourself to the brand new FPAA Chronic Facial Pain pamphlet.

How to Get It

You may print these pamphlets directly from the link above. The pamphlet is designed for standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper, tri-folded. You can also embed the link in your website or blog, download the PDF, and/or electronically share the PDF with family and friends.

The facial pain pamphlet will always be available for free directly from the website. When you download it, if you wish to make a donation to offset FPAA’s expenses, you are invited to do so, but it is not a requirement. We don’t even ask you for your name or email address!

Alternatively, you may want your facial pain pamphlet professionally printed. In that case, you can download the PDF and take it a local print shop to be printed in larger quantities.

How To Use It

By placing a set of pamphlets in your doctor’s office and replenishing them as needed, you can reach the thousands of other patients who are looking for reading material while waiting.

  • The benefit to current chronic facial pain patients lies in the fact that they stand to learn things they didn’t already know, up to and including the fact that they have additional, undiagnosed cranial neuralgias.
  • The potential benefit to those who have chronic facial pain but are, as yet, undiagnosed is clear. Medical intervention in chronic facial pain is an absolute necessity, and that is only possible when a patient knows what they have.

By carrying a facial pain pamphlet or two with you as you go about your day, you would be carrying an arsenal of answers to anyone’s questions about your condition. When inquirers gain knowledge about chronic facial pain, that knowledge:

  1. gives them greater insight into and compassion for your situation, often resulting in better relationships, and
  2. sometimes sparks a desire to make a contribution to a charitable cause related to the condition.

Rev. 01/17