Major News in the Fight for Pain Patients’ Rights

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ATIP Fights Back in the War Against People in Pain

A new group of medical professionals and pain experts is fighting back against government propaganda that is demonizing people who live with severe intractable pain.  The Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain (ATIP) is recruiting in social media for medical professionals, healthcare writers, knowledgeable patients and family members to lobby the US Congress to stop the government from severely limiting or banning opioid pain killers.

“We are assisting pain patients and family members to lobby elected officials at every level, and the news media in every State,” Dr. Lawhern said.  “2016 CDC Guidelines on prescription of opioids are biased by anti-opioid advocates, scientifically unsupported, and dangerously incomplete.”

“The 2016 CDC guidelines are forcing pain management doctors to abandon their patients to agony and disability.   Thousands are being deserted, stigmatized and abused.  Suicides are reported nearly every week among patients denied pain therapy that has been effective for years in promoting their quality of life.”

“We are working to help the news media to tell the other side of the addiction crisis,” Lawhern said.  “– the one where blameless patients are being denied access to essential therapies.  Millions depend on opioids every day to function normally.”

“We contradict the false narrative that all opioids are the same and all are bad.  The current irrational government attack on prescription opioids is killing innocent people and leaving millions in cruel pain, needlessly destroying their lives.”

ATIP’s growing membership includes prominent professionals in pain management, as well as nurses, healthcare writers and social media activists.  Activities are initiated and supported by knowledgeable leaders in social media, calling on thousands of pain patients and family members in a grass-roots campaign to change government policy.

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8 thoughts on “Major News in the Fight for Pain Patients’ Rights

  1. this is wonderful that your gathering people that will stand for all uf us with ip and the inability to function a normal or even a semi normal life without the help of opoids please if there is anything i can offer my story or my medical problems and my fight to keep my pain under control id be happy to help god bless all of you who care i juts dot get how the government can trump the dr s diagnosis and declare we dont need this and now pharmacys and inc companys too its a constant fight and battle to be able to live my life to the fullest ability my body will allow me to! feel free to contact me !

  2. Thank God for you. My caregiver is writing this for me I am crippled in both hands with RSD I just left my Drs office. The DEA is harrassing him against. They also have my pharmacist demanding my medical records or not get medicine. I am sick of being treated like this I never took an illegal drug in my life

  3. As an elected county commissioner I serve on committees and have been part of several fourms on the Opioid “epidemic “. As a chronic pain patient ive been concerned about the lack of patient’s rights advocates at these functions. In a rush to legislate it appears that we will be forgotten, our rights restricted, and our quality of life diminished . I’ll be reviewing your site and would welcome any information gain as I prepare for National convention. There should be a better solution out there than those being considered.

    Sincerely ,
    Scott Fortner
    Weakley County Commission
    Martin, TN

    1. Carl, in order to enforce your doctor/patient rights, one of the first steps must be to force withdrawal and rewriting of the 2016 CDC opioid prescription guidelines. If you are willing to lobby in person with your legislators to make that happen, then come talk to me at lawhern@hotmail.com or red@atipusa.org

  4. Thank You & God Bless you for doing this! I have severe pain from neuropathy pain from MS and fibromyalgia. I was on controlled substances that controlled my pain enough to enable me to have a reasonable quality of life. But when these laws changed I was taken off the majority of my medications. I’m still on some but not for long. I’ve been told by pain management doctor that everyone that’s not terminal must be taken off all controlled pain medications. I pray you can change this law before it’s too late. Like you said, Many people are suffering without these medications for just so long. Then it becomes unbearable. It is starting to feel that way for me. I no longer have a quality of life. Horrible.

  5. The government needs to keep their noses out of the medical field, I have chronic pain and need pain medication to have a quality of life, everytime I go to get a refill ,there is someone saying there is s problem and people are abusing the drugs, well let me tell you there are, but those are the people that don’t use the medication the correct way. They can go after those that abuse, but leave the ones that really need the medication alone. I wish we could March on capital hill, this makes me beyond mad and just makes me think about how the government needs to stay out of people’s private business, I could go on. This is getting ridiculous for all the chronic pain patients like myself , my doctor agreed, but his hands are tied. Something nerds to be done , I’ll bet all the government employees that need their medication find a way. It’s just gonna cause more pain and suffering for all the ones that really need it. Go ahead check everyone’s script, to see if they are taking correctly, if they aren’t ,then go after them, but don’t punish people for their health problems. ,this country is not free and the government is up everyone’s ass

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