An Open Letter to Baptist Word News

Here’s another addition to Richard “Red” Lawhern, PhD’s growing and authoritative body of work, written on behalf of chronic pain patients everywhere.

An Open Letter to the Baptist World News


Red has been sounding the alarm about the fictitious prescription opioid crisis for years, endlessly appealing to the CDC and others to have a higher regard for truth than expediency.

Journalists bear significant blame for their crime of propagating anti-pain patient propaganda with shoddy or non-existent research on the subject matter. It is increasingly apparent that very few in the press, if any, believe that there is more than one side to this issue and, in an affront to principles of good journalism, they fail to explore, acknowledge, or present any viewpoint that opposes the very popular (and very wrong) claim that chronic pain patients are fueling the opioid crisis with their prescriptions.

Though lone voice in the wilderness Red may be, his voice is articulate, convincing, and authoritative. Bless this man for speaking for the rest of us.

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